Name : Khan
From : USA
Dated On : Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008
Category : Nikah & Tallaq
Question : A Syed girl wants to marry my friend non-Syed (A Sheikh) boy, are there any obligations? Meaning is there any religious(sharai) prohibitions or only cultural obligations? If they are both baaligh, are they still bound to follow the parents' rules that are merely on the basis of culture because both hold strong importance for religion and respect for their elders, they seek a refuge and answer. Please help.
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum Syed girl can be married with Non -Syed boy, who should be pious, with taqwa and can take care and support his wife, one must give a lot of respect to parents, and parents should also take care the wishes of children,
Name : Syed Hamid Ali
From : Karachi, Pakistan
Dated On : Friday, Aug 22, 2008
Category : Economics
Question : HE: A.O.A I faced two much problems in getting my achivement in life there is too much huddles as well my dependent and life partner also worried. Please give us duaa for improvement and to solve our entire matters relates to finnancial hardles. Ameen
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum We have prayed for you and forwarded your request to Darbare- Ghousia, Insha Allah, Allah Jale Shanuhu will solve your problems and give you a lot of happiness Also Please read daily one hundered time " Ya Malikul Mulk " with 11 time darood shareef before and after wazaif, you may read after namaz maghrib or Isha for 40 days or until the day when problem is solved
Name : msr
From : america
Dated On : Wednesday, Jun 18, 2008
Category : Nikah & Tallaq
Question : sir, my friend has a very bad in laws on her husband side. They talk bad things and try to turn husband against wife. Also, husband hide many things from her and does not cooperate with her. Can you suggest some wazifa or dua. may allah bless you
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum Please read daily one hundered time " Ya Wadoodu " with 11 time darood shareef before and after wazaif, you may read after namaz maghrib or Isha and until the day when problem is solved
Name : Shabeer
From : South Africa
Dated On : Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Category : Others
Question : Salaams Dear Brothers, I have 2 questions, 1. I am currently unemployed, Is there any dua that I read to gain employment. 2. I have some skin problems on my face some pimples and marks what can I read to get rid of this, I have some tablets the doctor gave me but I am scared to take them. Thanking you in advance
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullh give sadqa, read 2 rakawat Namaz Hajaat after Maghrib everyday, and read at least 100 time Darood Shareef every day, we will Dua for you < Insha Allah ,Allah Kareem will give you good job for earning For Skin problem consult with Doctor and try to remain with wudho all the time,
Name : syed ehtesham mehdi
From : hyderabad, India
Dated On : Saturday, Oct 25, 2003
Category : Others
Question : Respected sir, I went to saudiarabia,jeddah, in aprail2001,with a independent visa, i tried so many companies,but i didnt get good job and company. i am very much tired in hunting jobs there. its seems that someone disturbing me by black i finished that visa, now i am in india. Please give some wazifa to solve this problem. i am very much thankful to u to solve my problem Allah hafiz
Name : seema
From : ., .
Dated On : Friday, Oct 24, 2003
Category : Others
Question : Dear Sir, Does Allah Talah accept all prayers in ramadan????what r the most accepted times for DUA in ramadan????
Reply : Dear Seema,Allah (SWT) accept all good Duas in the Ramadan & after Ramadan.There is special bounties in this month.The best time is before sehri & befre break fasting.It is important that Dua should be asked with present Heart(HAzoor-e-qalb)
Name : ruby
From : new york, U.S.A
Dated On : Friday, Oct 24, 2003
Category : Others
Question : dear sir. i have three daughters with c-section.this is last chance for me.i wana pregnencey in ramadan mubarak.can u give the wazifa for son .can u pls reply me earlier.i will be thankful to u.
Reply : Dear Sister May Allah bestow you a beautiful son.Please read sura Yaseen after every Fajr.
Name : Sabeen
From : Mississauga, Canada
Dated On : Monday, Oct 20, 2003
Category : Others
Question : Asalamualaikum, Do u tell iterpretation of dreams 2? I have 2 wierd dreams I would like to know the meanings of. They are related to ISlam in a way and dats y am more concerned. Wasalam
Reply : Please write your dream.
Name : Sarah
From : -, USA
Dated On : Sunday, Oct 26, 2003
Category : Others
Question : salam shaikh Ramadan Kareem I have a question, is there a pir of this tariqa anywhere in the US and if yes what is the contact info?
Reply : Dear Sara,The object of "Bayat" is getting specil blessing of Allah.You can get blessing through books & cassettes.Please listen cassettes of this silsila.InshAllah you will get blessing.
Name : Razali
From : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dated On : Sunday, Oct 26, 2003
Category : Others
Question : I want to know what is tasawuf in islam.
Reply : Dear Razali,Islamicconcept of Taswuf is to act upon your knowledge with good intention.
Name : raees ul rahman
From : sialkot, Pakistan
Dated On : Saturday, Oct 18, 2003
Category : Others
Question : hello sir, i need a mazhabi qualified girl for marriege. i m 23 years old & director of a cargo company they r in sialkot.our family is middle class family. pls solve my this problem. thanks & rgds Raees ul Rahman
Reply : Dear brother,May Allah give you a good match.There are many girls also wish like you.Look at your family you will find your partner inshAllah.
Name : kanwal
From : montreal, Canada
Dated On : Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003
Category : Others
Question : dear,sir. mein bahuth purshan hun ajj kul. mein do saal se ik lurke ko bahuth chahthi hun aur woh bhi mujhe bahuth chatha he aur mein use upne ghur walon se bhi mila chuki hun aur tukreebun bath bhi te he lekin jub hum paksitan geye the mein karachi mein rehthi thi aur woh lahore ka uss ke problem agayi uss ke bure bhai ne doosri shadi kurli aur woh doosri biwi ko sath le aye jub ke woh england mein rehthe ehin aur un ki pehli biwi ne bahuth hungama kura kiya iss bath ub tuk 8 mah hogeye mugr un ke ghur ubhi tuk musla hul nahin huwa aur uss ke bure bhai ki pehli biwi budle pe uthur ayi he aur uss ne dhumki di he ke agur adnan(jisse mein pusand kurthi hun) un ki choti behen se shadi nahin ki tho woh adnan ki bhanji ko tulaq dilwade gein adnan ki bhanji uss ki bhabhi ke bhai se shadi huwi he. un ke ghur walon hur tureeke se zamaliya he mugr woh auruth bath nahin manthi. mein kiya kurun yeh mahina ramadan ka he aur jithni duwa hodukthi he kurahi hun. buss app mujhe kuch esa wazifa butha dijye jisse yeh musla khutum hojaye aur meri aur adnan ki shadi juld hojaye. app ki bahuth shukur guzar hogin.
Reply : Dear Kanwal,May Allah bless you.Please read "Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum" 100 time after fajr11 time darood in the begining & end.
Name : RANI
From : dalas, U.S.A
Dated On : Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003
Category : Others
Question : assalam o alakum ,dear sir my husbened is very nice and good for every one.he helps everyone out of the way.but our luck is very every work we get a lot of problems i can not understand what is this.pls tell me some thing for recie.and pls pray for us MAY GOD GIVE U A LOT OF BLESSING AND HAPPINESS
Reply : Dear Rani, May Allah bless you & your family.Good husband/wife is a blessing of Allah.Read Istighfar 100 time daily after fajr 11 time Darood pak.
Name : Ahmad
From : Lahore, Pakistan
Dated On : Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003
Category : Others
Question : Aslam-O-Alikum, Sir I want to get married with my class fellow. Her Parents are agree but my parents dont agree due to cast problem. Plz tell me what should I do? Are my parents doing right thing? (Islam does not allow us to make casts). Should I marry her in the court or can you plz tell me some wazeefa to make my parents agree. I shall be very thankfull to you.
Reply : Dear Ahmed,May Allah give you happiness in both world.Please read "Ya Qadi ya-Hajat 100 time 11time darood daily.
Name : Sundus
From : London, UK
Dated On : Thursday, Oct 9, 2003
Category : Others
Question : salams shaikh can you tell me what to recite or read to get rid of Jinn
Reply : Dear Sundus,Please read sura Fateha 7 time daily morning & evening.11 time darood pak.

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