Name : Mahwish A
From : pkistan lahore
Dated On : Monday, Oct 25, 2010
Category : Black Magic
Question : my age is 24 me apni fmly m bari hun muj se choti sis ki shadi ho chuki hy lkn mri abi tk kahen bat b tay ni ho js se b pocha unhun ne ye btaya k bandish or nazare bad hy lkn abi tak es ka toar ya hal ni ho saka mrei sis k brother inlaw ka perposal aya hy hm 2 familys chahty hyn k yehi ho ap plz koi wazefa ya es masly ka hal btadyn k shadi yehen per ho shukria or ye b bta dayn k ye bandish or rakawat kis kisam ki hy
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum There is no bandish,read 11 time Darood Tanjeena after every prayer ( 5 times in day), May Allah give you good nisbat, may you have good life, lot of happiness and good luck,
Name : abc
From : pakistan
Dated On : Sunday, Oct 24, 2010
Category : Others
Question : ASSALAM O ALAIKUM.It is to ask that if there are asraat on a person and the said person is facing hurdles in the way of marriage for so many years due to asraat/bandish/rukawat which has been pointed by so many but no proper remedy is suggested.I humbly request you to please suggest some remedial solution of the said problem(rukawat/bandish/asraat/lack of proposals/refusal by the second party for marriage without proper reason) in the light of Quran o Sunnah?please give some Quranic solution and suggest the powerful duas to remove the asraat/bandish and to get married easily/soon.thanks a lot
Reply : Read 11 times Darood shareef 41 time Darood Tanjeena 11 time darood shareef every day after Namaz Fajar or Isha, May Allah give to ummah Khair
Name : mohammad aamar
From : jerago con orago italy
Dated On : Sunday, Oct 24, 2010
Category : Economics
Question : asalamoalikun, mufti sahib keya gair muslim bank ki kisi scheme mein pase laga kar munafa liya gia sakta hain.
Reply : Sood is Haraam, but in non muslim country, first mortgage for house may be taken, you may check speech by Dr. M Tahirul Qadri on this topic
Name : rana
From : usa
Dated On : Saturday, Oct 23, 2010
Category : Iman & 'Aqa'id
Question : Asalam o alaikum Please answer my question at your earliest convenience.My daughters are completely out of control and my youngest one I think is possessed as there are few incidences which point towards that .They have stopped believing in Islam and are living in complete unislamic way .We are so distressed .I read Tahajud and am tired of praying for them .Please help me .
Reply : Sorry to say, you might have done mistakes for their training, you had to create islamic atmosphere at your home, and you had to keep in your community, i dont know the age, if they are adult, you (Parents) have to present yourself as example, then you can train your kids with love and friendship, explained the islamic history, and quranic in your own language, try to read prayer regularly
Name : sana naz
From : england
Dated On : Saturday, Aug 1, 2009
Category : Others
Question : Assalamalaikum sir.I have 2 question to ask.Pls tell me dua for driving test.Please can you give me wazifa for son i have 2 girls.can i do same wazifa which one you tell others. pls answer my question soon. Thanks.
Reply : Read Darood Shreef a lot, Darood Tanjeena 11 time after Namaz Fajar, No you have to take permission
Name : hina
From : USA
Dated On : Friday, Jul 3, 2009
Category : Woman
Question : Assalamalaikum Mufti Sahib, I have few questions to ask. 1. I had been married 2 times, my 1st husband betrayed and married me, it was arranged since I believe that no body but the parents do the best for there children and my parents did tried there best. Then my second husband also told lie to my parents that he is an computer engineer student in USA where else he was 6th standard fail from village in india, my parents thought may be he is shy to speak in english in front of them and did not asked him. I got to know his educationlevel on my nikah night, I did thought why me although i was the obedient daughter of my parents. Now i am married for 10 years and have 2 boys mashallah. The problem is my husband does not understand that he needs to stand for his family, instead he make me stands. He don't understand that in USA he needs to learn english and learn computers and small things to grow up. Instead he wants a filmi life and he is very childish. He is in usa since 98 and i am since 05 and i have a better job and right now he is unemployed. He also curses and swears on me and my kids for everysingle thing. I have boys and certainly dont want them to grow up like this. Please helph me by giving a wazeefa that will help my husband change his mind towards his family and ability to learn as i see he has hardtime with it and as well that he turns towards islam. he also did not learn quran and don't know durrood or athahiyat to complete prayer despite my best efforts. Mufti saab nothing offensive but i want to get control on my husband because i am tired of being the man of the house for past 4 years before was my father in law till he died in 2003 since then my husband was leaving a lawaaris life till i got here and started our house hold. some times he drinks. he also got charged for leaving my 6yr old son in a restaurant for 2 hours for doing his car wash. still no lesson. and he starts his each sentence with that i have no idea and that he is the senior. because of his illitration many men tried to take advantage of me. when my father tries to help us he does his disrespect and then ask me to ask money from my father. my father is very rich and i am not my father and mother keeps saying me sorry for my life since they did this but i tell them it is my destiny. but my other sisters are in good position. i just want my husband to stand as a barrier for me and my kids. god knows that i have no bad intention but to get my kids a nice father and a loving caring and successfull husband. mufti saab i want to be behind my husband not be the husband. please help me and also give me a recitation to get a better job for me and him naik tauffeeq and ability to learn and understand and make his mind sharp. i will do what ever it takes to make him successfull till the last breath left in me and after that even he leaves me dosen't matter because i am going to live my rest of the life under his name because he did save me when i was under depression because of my first marraige and gave be the best days of my life during our honey moon. but i still think i deserve more good life with him. sorry for the long description but i had to sy it. allah hafiz jazakallah
Reply : ASA, Please try to change your Husband wisely, Be regular in Namaz, recite Holy Quran regularly, also pay attention to your Kids training, Read Darood shareef a lot, also teach your husband and children, After namza Isha every day, read 11 time Darood Shareef, 100 time Ya Wadoodu and then 11 time Darood shareef for 40 days or till your wish is fulfilled
From : karachi
Dated On : Friday, Jul 3, 2009
Category : Psychology
Question : ASALAM O ALIKUM maay gar may lara e jagroo ki waja say buhat paryshan ho aya din ammi jan sister and mairyy wife kay darymiyan jagra hota rehta hay marynay pitnay ki nobat tak a ga hay un kay darmiyan plz ko ea azia wazifa bata ta kay ya sab mill kar rahy aoor kya may bvi ko lay kar alag gar shif ho ja o ? ALLAH APP KI DARJOO MAY AOOR EZAFA Farmay ameen
Reply : ASA, Read every day after Namaz Isha for 40 days or till problem is solved, 11 time Darood Shareef, 100 time " Ya Rasheedu " then 11 time Darood Shareef,
Name : Mohammed Mukarram Ali
From : Hyderabad India
Dated On : Wednesday, Jul 1, 2009
Category : Economics
Question : As-salam Mufti Sahab, I am going through lot of financial issues in my personal life. I have lot of debt . I am woking at very good company but I am not getting promotion since last six years and proper salary hike. All my co-worker who join with me into this company got promoted and now they are at good position. I work very hard to do my best but nothing workout. I am getting very depressed day by day. My younger brothers does not have proper jobs which is making family financial condition more wrost. Please help to over this problem. One more thing we have change our house just two years ago then all this problem started. Earlier we were happy. However I have strong faith in Allah. Allah know what is good for me.
Reply : ASA, you have to control you expenses, you also need consistancy, do not leave any job uncompleted, you also need confidence, after Namaz Isha, read 11 time Darood Shareef, 100 time " Ya Mujeebu " then 11 time Darood shareef
Name : naaz
From : pakistan
Dated On : Monday, Jun 8, 2009
Category : Others
Question : salam.sir jab mai ne board examz k liyay form submit karwaya tu mai ne manat mani k agar mera aur meri friend ka roll number ek sath aya tu mai bibi saida ki kahani parhun gi.magar phir roll number ek sath nahin aya.magar phir b paperz mai hum miss se pooch k ek sath beth jaty thy.ab app batain k kya mai manat pori karun ya nahin?
Reply : Allah Jale shanu checks the (Niaat) what is in your heart, if you think what you want was fulfilled then you should complete what you promised with Allah
Name : mehwish
From : lahore
Dated On : Sunday, Jun 7, 2009
Category : Others
Question : Aslam-O-Alikum SIR. sir aj kal hairs ka bht masla hai.plz sir app koi aisi duaa bata day.jis say bal girna band ho problem ki wajaha say bht parshan rahti hun.plz sir solve this problem.bht treatment karwya hai par solution nai hall nai howa. thanx i wait ur ans
Reply : ask Doctor to check the blood from Laboratory and if there is any deficiency, Doctor will treat this, Try to remain with wudu all the time
Name : Rashid
From : australia
Dated On : Sunday, Jun 7, 2009
Category : Psychology
Question : AOA kuch arse sai muje bohoth anjaana sa khoof aatha hai,aur gardan kai pathoon mai bohoth kichaoo hai jis ke waja sai bohoth hi upset hoon, bare mehrobani koi duwa bathai,kai Allah pak muj pai raham kare aur ye imtihaan khatham ho jai bohoth bohoth shukar guzaar rahoonga
Reply : Try to remain with wudu all the time, read one tasmeeh Darood shareef every day and 11 time sora Quresh with 11time Darood shareef before and after, at the time of namaz Fajar
Name : nargis azem
From : Paris
Dated On : Saturday, Jun 6, 2009
Category : Black Magic
Question : Salaam, I really urgently need help...I have had divorce 2yrs and i have 2 children from my first mariage 4ys and 3yrs old. I then got married again. Since i have gone into my second marriage nothing has worked out for me. I was in Dubai & after our nikah and meeting i returned bck to duai without my husband and we decided i will come bck soon.But nothing went right i lst my job, and the arabs got my pssprt and i cld not trvl.Me and my new hsbnd strded having arumnts over the phone. This whole this took 9mnths and finally when i arrived in paris my husband left me....i had to go to mosque and ask for shelter and i asked my husband for mercey and take me but no. None of my things get through, i went to the authorities but for shelter and help but everything seems tht it will be ok but then at the end something bad happens. I now hve lost my pssport. I have no risk, no husband, i am living in other peoples house altough i have British passport i have degree from UK but cnt find any job. Everyone who tries to help me get into some sort of trouble if they try to help me. All of them say you have BANDISH on you. I need you to give me somethiing that will bring my husband back and remove this bandish for me....Allah Hafiz
Reply : Remain with Wudu all the time, Clean your self, After namaz Fajar Read 11time darood shareef 11 time 4 Qul shareeef sorahs then 11 time Darood shareef, Read one tasbeeh Darood shareef every day after Namaz Isha, try to Recite Holy Quran every day, insha Allah every thing will be ok, there is no Bandish, its just thought
Name : syed quadri
From : rochester hills, michigan, usa
Dated On : Thursday, Sep 4, 2008
Category : Iman & 'Aqa'id
Question : Assalamu alaikum mufti sahab, I follow ahle sunnat ul jamaat but few of my family members are getting strayed from this path and when I confront them, they ask for evidences for all the practices mentioned below.Can you please give me as many proofs as possible from quran and ahadees for the following questions : 1. evidence that muhammad rasoolallah sallalahu alaihi wa sallam was not a bashar, but noor and that he has ilm-e-ghaib (knowledge of unseen). 2. evidence of celebrating milad un nabi on one specific day (they say it should not be celebrated on one day, but year round). 3. evidence of shab-e-barat. 4. evidence of giving fateha on food 5. evidence of doing isaal-e-sawab on dead by praying, giving fateha on food and eating it and distributing food to poor, family and friends. 6.evidence of visiting graves. 7. evidence whether women are allowed to visit graves. 8. evidence of having a wasila and being under a BAYT of a wali/murshid 9. evidences of fatwas by ahle sunnatul jamaat scholars that we cannot offer prayers behind badmadhab imams. I will surely appreciate your time and effort and Allah subhana hu ta"ala will give you ajar in helping us from straying from ahle sunnat ul jamaat path. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR. SYED QUADRI
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum, its big topic, please get the recorded lecture of Shaikhul Islam Dr. Tahirul Qadri from Minhajul Quran, you can also find books and literature on these topics from Minhajul Quran office Newjersey office ,
Name : sajid
From : india
Dated On : Tuesday, Sep 2, 2008
Category : Psychology
Question : As-Salaam alykum, sir, I have been living away from my family for the last 3 years . I mean to say i live in other city bcos of my job & visit my home town every month. Sir, problem is that i am extremely attached with my family members & tat is why am unable to concentrate on my work. I always think abt my parents, brothers, sisters ,nephews etc. and its a big hurdle in my carrer.I hav been working in the same co. for the last 3 yrs and havnt applied in any other co. thinking that the new co. would not give me leave to visiy my home town every month and this is fact. Plz suggest me any wazifa that makes my heart turn away form my family so that i cud concentrate on my work & carrer . WO khate hai na " Excess of anything is bad" mere saath bhi sisa hua hai..plz help me. allah haafiz
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum Try to get job near your parents house , Serve your parents and also get there happiness, read Darood Shareef 100 time daily and Astagh farullah Alazeem Allazi La Illaha Illah hu wal Hyul Qayuume Wa Atoobu Alaihe , seventy time daily after Isha prayer, Aallah Jale Shanhu Help you
Name : nayab
From : india
Dated On : Thursday, Aug 28, 2008
Category : Others
Question : ASAK, main ne khawab main dekha ke main mere goan ke dargha sharif jake hoon aur waha ki masjid main sab logan jumma(friday) ki namaz khibla ki taraf rukh karki padrahe hai aur utne main aasmaan (sky) ke taraf dekthe hoon toh kya mujhe ramzan ka chand nazar ayya usmain se madina aur khabathulla sharif mere taraf aa rahe hai uske baad jab main mere ghar poheche toh mere paas bahut sara sona hai main bahutpareshan hoon iske tabeer jaan ne ke lea zara mehrbani karki batao mufti saheb. allaah hafiz.
Reply : Assalamu Alaikum Insha Allah, you will be on the way of Hidaya, and will get the blessing and Karam of Allah Jale Shanuh, try to remain with wudo oftenly

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